Friday Seminar (2014 Spring Term)

Place: Room 309, Ocean Building
Time: 12:30-13:00
Chair: Ronan Joussain
Date Presenter Topic
2014-6-27 Shaohua Zhao High-resolution variations in terrigenous sediment sources and their sedimentation flux since 70 ka BP in the northern SCS
2014-6-20 Yulong Zhao Introduction & Preliminary results of LEG 1 of the 2014 NSFC open cruise in the northern SCS
2014-6-13 Pingyuan Li The study of aeolian dust in Taiwan ang Hong Kong
2014-6-6 Shiwen Zhou A high resolution clay mineralogical record and its paleoenvironmental significance in the northeastern Gulf of Tonkin over the past 2000 years
2014-5-30 Suratta Bunsomboonsakul Clay mineralogical and geochemical comparison of Andaman Sea core sediments: implications for   sediment provenance
2014-5-23 Ronan Joussain Erosional history of the Himalayan range since the last climatic cycle: mineralogical and geochemical investigations from the Bay of Bengal

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