Friday Seminar (2013 Fall Term)

Place: Room 309, Ocean Building
Time: 12:30-13:00
Chair: Shaohua Zhao
Date Presenter Topic
2014-1-3 Shaohua Zhao High-resolution variations in terrigenous sediment sources and their sedimentation flux since the last glaciation in the northern South China Sea
2013-12-27 Meng Wang A brief review of deep sea circulation in the South China Sea
2013-12-6 Yanli Li Baseline studies of the Clay Minerals Society Source Clays using X-ray diffraction (XRD)
2013-11-29 Pingyuan Li The study of aeolian dust in the South China Sea
2013-11-15 Jianru Li 捕获器样品前处理过程介绍
2013-11-8 Shiwen Zhou 北部湾东北部全新世陆源屑物质的高分辨率研究:追踪珠江物质向西搬运记录及其古环境意义(硕士论文开题试讲)
Shaohua Zhao 南海北部末次冰期以来陆源碎屑物质源区变化及其搬运过程的高分辨率研究(博士论文开题试讲)
2013-11-1 Ronan Joussain Rapid variabiltiy of the Indian monsoon during the last glacial period recorded in a sedimentary core from   the Bay of Bengal
2013-10-25 Quan Chen Quantitative calibration of XRF-estimated carbonate content in sediment cores: Application in the northern South China Sea
2013-10-11 Suratta Bunsomboonsakul Clay mineralogical changes since the last glaciation in the eastern Andaman Sea and their paleoenvironmental implications
Qin Zhang Clay mineral assenblages and sedimentary environment evolution over the past 13 kyr in the Gulf of Tonkin, northwestern South China Sea
Shiwen Zhou Transport and differential settlement of clay-sized suspended sediments in the Gulf of Tonkin
2013-9-27 Wenguang Wang A near-bottom turbidity event driven by a mesoscale eddies pair in the northeastern South China Sea
2013-9-13 Meng Wang Nonlinear characteristics of seasonal cycle of sea surface temperature
Pingyuan Li Rock magnetism study of the topsoil in Northwest China

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