Journal Papers

23. 章海宁,汤天知,刘堂晏,  基于地层孔隙结构的饱和度评价方法, 地球物理学进展,2015, V.30(2):0709-0717;
Zhang Haining,Tang Tianzhi, Liu Tangyan,  A Saturation Evaluating Method Based on Pore Structure, Progress in Geopgysics, 2015, V. 30(2):0709-0717;

22. 刘堂晏,张凤琼,岩石强度问题与美军仁川登陆的类比,课程教育研究,2014.1,P:230-231;                                                                                                                                              Liu Tangyan, Zhang Fengqiong,  Comparisons Between Rock Strength and USA Troops Landing in Inchon, Course Education Research,2014.1,P:230-231;

21. 薛苗苗,章海宁,刘堂晏,岩石孔隙结构的定量评价方法,测井技术,2014, V.38(N0.1), P:59-64;Idexed in EI;                                                                                           Xue Miaomiao, A Novel Method of Quantitative  Evaluation of Pore Structure, Well Logging Technology, 2014, V.38(N0.1), P: 59-64; Indexed in Ei;

20. 刘堂晏,汤天知,章海宁,考虑储层孔隙结构的岩石导电机制研究,地球物理学报,V.56 (08),p:2818-2826,Indexed in SCI;                                                                                      Liu Tangyan, Tang Tianzhi, Zhang Haining, Study of Rock Conductive Mechanism Based on Pore Structure, ACTO Chinese Geophysics Journal, V.56 (08),p:2818-2826; Indexed in SCI;

19. Liu Tangyan, Jun Yan, Jie Yan, Theoretical mechanism and application of Sphere-Cylinder model in NMR for oil-water porous media, Pure and applied geophysics, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 2012, V169(7), P:1257-1267, Indexed in SCI;

18. 许峰,刘堂晏,油水饱和球管孔隙模型弛豫的理论计算与计算机模拟,物理学报, 2008,V57(1), 550-555, Indexed in SCI;                                                                                            Xu Feng,Liu Tangyan, etc., Theoretical computation and numerical simulation of the relaxation of sphere-capillary model saturated with oil and water, Acta Physica Sinica, 2008, V.57(1),550-555, Indexed in SCI;

17. Yan Jun, Liu Tangyan, Petrophysical Evaluation and its application to AVO based on conventional and CMR-MDT Logs, Applied Geophysics, 2007, V.4(03), pp164-172; Being indexed in SCI;

16. Yan Jun, M. Tucker and T. Liu, Reservoir Description from Well-log and reservoir Engineering: An Example from Triassic Reservoirs in Northwest China, Petroleum Science and Technology,  V24(12),1417-1430, Dec, 2006,Indexed in SCI ;

15. 刘堂晏,马在田等,球管孔隙模型的约束寻优及应用,同济大学学报,2006, V34(11), 1464-1469, Indexed in Ei;                                                                                                                      Liu Tangyan, Ma Zaitian, Restricted & Optimized conditions of sphere-cylinder model and its applications, Journal of Tongji University, 2006, V34(11):1464-1469, Indexed in Ei;

14. 许峰,刘堂晏等,射频场照射下多自旋体系弛豫的理论计算,物理学报,V55(6),2006, ,P: 3054-3058, Indexed in SCI;                                                                                                            Xu Feng, Liu Tangyan, et al, Theoretical description and numerical computation of the relaxation of multi-spin system in the presence of an RF field, Acta Physica Sinica,V55(6), 3054-3059, Jun 2006. Be Indexed in SCI;

13. 周灿灿,刘堂晏,应用球管模型评价岩石孔隙结构的新方法;石油学报,V.27(1),2006, P:92-96, Indexed in Ei;                                                                                                              Zhou Cancan, Liu Tangyan, Ma Zaitian etc. Evaluation of pore structure using sphere-cylinder model, ACTA Petrolei Sinica, V27(1);2006, P:92-96,  Indexed in Ei;

12. 刘堂晏,肖立志,球管孔隙模型的弛豫特征和应用研究,地球物理学报,2004,47卷4期, P:663-671, Indexed in SCI;                                                                                                          Liu Tangyan, Xiao Lizhi, Applications and Characterization of NMR relaxation derived from sphere-Capillary Model, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2004, V.47(4), 663-671, Indexed in SCI;

11. 肖立志,刘堂晏,应用核磁共振测井评价储盖层的捕集能力,石油学报,2004年,25卷4期; 同时在04’中国石油地质年会(北京)宣读;                                                                                 Xiao Lizhi, Liu Tangyan, Evaluation of trapping capability combining cap rocks and reservoirs Using  NMR  Logs,  ACTA Petrolei Sinica, 2004, Vol.25, 4;

10. Liu Tangyan, Ma Zaitian, Hongzhi Lv, Integrating MDT, NMR log and conventional logs for one-well evaluation, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering,2005, V46(1-2), P:73-80, SCI收录;

9. 刘堂宴,吕宏志,王俊晓,用MDT压降流度计算地层渗透率的新方法,中国海上油气(地质),2003, V17(03), P:211-214;                                                                                                 Liu Tangyan, Lv Hongzhi, Methods to Calculate Permeability from MDT Mobility, China Offshore Oil & Gas (Geology), 2003, Vol. 17, 3;

8. 王忠东,肖立志,刘堂晏,核磁共振弛豫信号多指数反演新方法及其应用,中国科学(G),V. 47(03),2003,SCI收录;                                                                                                  Wang Zhongdong Xiao Lizhi, Liu Tangyan, A New Method for Multi-exponent Inversion of NMR Relaxation measurements, Science in China (G), V47 (03), 265-276, Jun 2004. Be indexed in SCI;

7. 刘堂宴,考虑岩石润湿性的新导电模型研究,测井技术,V. 27(03), 2003,Ei收录;              Liu Tangyan, On a new conducting model combining rock wettability, Well Logging Technology, 2003, Vol.27, 3, Be indexed in Ei;

6. 刘堂宴,傅容珊等,核磁共振谱的岩心孔喉结构分析,石油地球物理勘探,V. 38 (02), 2003;                                                                                                                                                        Liu Tangyan, Fu Rongshan, Analysis of Rock Pore Structure with NMR Spectra, Oil Geophysical Prospecting, V38(03),2003;

5. 刘堂宴,傅容珊等,提高测井建模精度的一种方法,石油地球物理勘探,37卷,1期,2002,Ei收录;                                                                                                                                      Liu Tangyan, Fu Rongshan, Method for improving precision of log model-building, Petroleum Geophysical prospecting, Vol. 37, No1, 2002, Be indexed in Ei;

4. 刘堂宴,刘红歧,地下水研究—中国测井技术的潜在市场,国外测井技术,15卷,4期2000;                                                                                                                                                      Liu Tangyan, Liu Hongqi, Underground Water Studies—A Potential Market for China Well Log Technology, Foreign Well logging Technology, Vol. 15, No.4, 2000;

3. 刘堂宴,油柱高度的储盖层组合评价,西南石油学院学报,22卷,2期,1998,Ei收录;      Liu Tangyan, Reservoir and seal assemblage evaluation for the height of oil and gas pool, Journal of SWPI, Vol. 21, No.2, 1998, Be indexed in Ei;

2. 刘正锋,刘堂宴,高温高压、泥质、润湿性及实验方法对阿尔奇公式的影响分析,测井技术,22卷,4期,1998,Ei收录;                                                                                                   Liu Zhenfeng, Liu Tangyan, Analysis of the Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Shaliness, Wettability and Experimental Approach on Archie Equations. Well Logging Technology, Vol.22, No.4, 1998, Be indexed in Ei;

  1. 刘堂晏,燕军, 岩石润湿性的分类及测井解释,测井技术,V.22(4), 1997,p: 247-249;      Liu Tangyan, Yan Jun, Classified Methods of Rock Wettability and Log Interpretation, Well Logging Technology, 1997, V.22 (4), p: 247-249;

A few  of papers are omitted before 1998.

Conference Papers

  1. Pan Haojie,  Liu Tangyan,  Yan Jie,  Zhang haining, In-situ Gas Hydrate Saturation Estimated from Sonic Logs Based on Rock Physical Models, for 2014, 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition Vienna, Amsterdam, Netherland, 23-26 May, 2014, Submission;
  2. ZHANG Haining, TANG Tianzhi  LIU Tangyan,SUN Pei,YAN Jie,  Novel petrophysical approach for water saturation estimation based on improved Equivalent Rock Element Model; for 2014, 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition Vienna, Amsterdam, Netherland, 23-26 May, 2014, Submission;
  3. Liu Tangyan, Yan Jie, Gas identification with AVO in fractural carbonate reservoirs,  72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition — Barcelona, Spain, 14 – 17 June 2010;
  4. Liu Tangyan, Liu Xiangjun, Yan Jun, Theoretical Analysis and Application for Borehole Wall Stability based on Stress Field, 71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition — Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 8 – 11 June 2009;
  5. Liu Tangyan, Ma Zaitian Zhang Chaomo etc, Approach to NMR Relaxation Mechanism of Sphere-Cylinder Model Saturated by Oil and Water, Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts Topical Conference—NMR Logging, OCT. 9-13, 2006, Guilin, China;
  6. 3. Liu Tangyan, Zhou Cancan, Ma Zaitian, Restriction conditions & Optimization algorithm of sphere-cylinder model and applications,the 3rd International Symposium on Oil Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation Engineering, Chengdu, Sichuan, October 20-21, 2004;2.
  7. 4.Liu Tangyan, Integrating MDT, NMR log and Conventional Logs for Single-Well Evaluation, Sino-Russia 2th Technical Conference, Shanghai, November 2002;
  8. 王绍民,刘堂宴,地磁场核磁测井在水驱油田的应用,中国水驱油评价会议,2002年8月,新疆乌鲁木齐;
  9. 刘堂宴,考虑岩石润湿性的新导电模型研究,2002年地球和空间科学学院研究生报告会,


  1. Liu Tangyan, Mark Knight, An oil reservoir that contains pyrite: Low resistivity response and interpretation, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Abstracts 99-59 O1999 CSPG and Petroleum Society Joint Convention, June, 14-18, 1999;
  2. 刘堂宴,测井专业外语CAI方法研究及应用,西南石油学院学术会议,南充,


9. 刘堂宴,欧阳健,含黄铁矿低电阻率特殊储层的测井解释,中国第九届测井年会,


10. 刘堂宴,燕军,水淹层岩石电性和测井解释方法研究,中国水淹层评价会议,贵州,安顺,1995年9月,

11. 刘堂宴,聚焦可变电极系的设计和分析,1988年西南石油学院学术会议,四川南充,


Invention Patent: Decomposition and Composition of Spin Echo Signal in Rock Fully Saturated by Virtual Brine, in the progress of Essential Censor and Declaration, China;


1. 刘向君,刘堂晏,测井原理及工程应用,石油工业出版社,2006.11,

Liu Xiangjun,Liutangyan, Liu Shiqiong, Principles and Engineering Applications of Borehole Geophysics, Petroleum Industry Press, 11, 2006;


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