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Deoxygenation in warming oceans?

Deoxygenation in warming oceans—Looking back to the future

Timothy W. Lyons and Christopher T. Reinhard

Earth’s climate has varied dramatically over its long history, from snowball glaciations to greenhouse extremes. Ancient warming is one reason we study the past—to get the fullest possible picture of what might lie ahead. No episode of past warming was more dramatic than the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) ∼55 m.y. ago: a rapid temperature increase of ∼5–8 °C unfolded over a mere tens of thousands of years, driving severe perturbations to the marine and terrestrial carbon cycles and concomitant impacts on ecologies in both settings. As we anticipate the impacts possible via modern climate trends, with similar levels of projected carbon release and temperature rise but over only centuries, the PETM has become a conservative poster child for why we look back in time to inform our understanding of the future.

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Global warming?!_英国每日邮报 文章

New temperature record confirms world HAS warmed 0.75C since 1900 – as Nasa  ‘potato’ image shows how planet’s gravity is changing as ice melts (By Rob Waugh   UPDATED: 01:01 GMT, 20 March 2012)

  • World has warmed by less than a degree centigrade between 1900 and 2012
  • 2010 is now hottest year on record
  • ‘Virtually all’ data behind new study to be published – in contrast to earlier ‘Climategate’ scandal