Award and Honor

Education Award,Tongji University,2021[同济大学育才教育奖,2021]

The title of “Excellent Head Teacher”,Tongji University,2021[同济大学“优秀班主任”称号,2021]

Instructor of “National First-class Undergraduate Course” Marine Geology (ranked third),Tongji University,2020[“国家级一流本科课程”《海洋地质学》授课教师(排名第三),2020]

The title of “Excellent Tutor” for Undergraduates,awarded by Tongji University,2020[同济大学本科生“优秀导师”称号,2020]

The title of “Excellent Follow-up Teacher” in Military Trainning,awarded by Tongji University,2019[同济大学军训“优秀随训教师”称号,2019]

The title of “My Favorite Class Teacher”  for New Student College,awarded by Tongji University,2019[同济大学新生院“我最喜爱班主任”称号,2019]

Excellent Postdoctoral Researcher Leaves The Station(Third prize),awarded by Tongji University,2016[同济大学优秀出站博士后(三等奖),2016]

Excellent PhD thesis, awarded by Tongji University, 2012. [同济大学“优秀博士学位论文”,2012]

GUANGHUA scholarship of Tongji University, awarded by Tongji University, 2010. [同济大学“光华奖学金(博士)”,2010]

Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student, awarded by Ministry of Education of the P. R. China, 2010. [教育部博士研究生“学术新人奖”,2010]

State Scholarship Fund for Academic Exchange PhD student, funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC), 2009-2010. [国家留学基金委资助公派留学资助,2009-2010]

International Conference Travel Award, Tongji University, 2009. [同济大学国际会议奖励基金资助,2009]

Distinguished PhD student Award, Tongji University, 2009-2010. [同济大学优秀博士资助,2009-2010]

Sino-German Master Program in Marine Sciences, funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 2006-2007. [德国联邦教育与研究部(BMBF)资助“中德海洋科学硕士联合培养”,2006-2007]


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