Research Interests

Research Interests

My research interests focus on seismic stratigraphy and 3-D seismic geomorphology, quantitative seismic interpretation, and  geophysical well-logging data interpretation, with particular applications in deep-sea sedimentology, sea level changes, and prediction of petroleum and gas hydrate reservoirs.


(1)Seismic Stratigraphy and 3-D Seismic Geomorphology: including seismic sequence analysis, seismic facies analysis, and 3-D seismic geomorphologic reconstruction by various slicing and attribute analysis techniques.  Current interests focus on the deep-water turbidites and associated gravity flow deposits in the South China Sea.  Associated results have been published in journals including EPSL (Earth and Planetary Science Letters), GSAB (Geological Society of America Bulletin), Interpretation

        地震地层学和地震地貌学 包括地震层序分析、地震相分析、地震地貌分析及其在石油储层评价、天然气水合物预测、深水沉积学和全球海平面变化研究中的应用。提出了“地震全层位追踪”解释方法及根据地震资料估算海平面升降变化幅度的定量模型和方法,在南海东北部海域发现了迄今国际上规模最大的超临界浊流底形——cyclic steps波列。相关成果已在EPSL (Earth and Planetary Science Letters), GSAB (Geological Society of America Bulletin)Interpretation等学术期刊发表。  


(2)Quantitative Seismic Interpretation Methods: including quantitative seismic sequence and facies analysis, geobody detection, chronostratigraphic  or Wheeler volume reconstruction, and seismic slicing and attribute analysis. Associated results have been published in journals including Geophysics

       定量地震解释方法 包括定量地震信息提取、地质目标体自动探测、等时地震地层体或Wheeler数据体构建、地震切片和地震属性分析等。相关成果已在Geophysics等学术期刊发表。


(3)Interpretation of Geophysical Well-Logging Data: focus on high-resolution FMI/FMS/EMI image log processing and interpretation, gas hydrate well-logging evaluation, and applications of well-logging data in IODP scientific research (paleoceanologic, paleoenvirionmental and paleoclimatic reconstruction). Associated results have been published in journals including Journal of Sedimentary Research. 

        测井解释及应用 包括成像测井数据(FMI/FMS及EMI)处理、解释与储层预测,大洋钻探测井数据分析及在古海洋、古环境、古气候研究中的应用等。相关成果已在Journal of Sedimentary Research 等学术期刊发表。