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  • 随钻测井与地层格架约束的井周地震成像探测方法及装置,发明人: 程玖兵,朱峰,王腾飞,耿建华,专利权人:同济大学,专利号:ZL201911351361.X,  专利申请日:2019年12月24日,授权公告日:2020年11月27日. | Cheng Jiubing, Zhu Feng, Wang Tengfei,  Geng Jianhua, Around well seismic imaging constrained by well-log during drilling and stratigraphic framework, 2020.11, China, patent No.: ZL201911351361.X.
  • 针对储层含油气性检测的角度域叠前偏移数据处理方法,发明人: 程玖兵,耿建华,专利权人:同济大学,专利号:201010579495.X,  专利申请日:2010年12月8日,授权公告日:2013年10月16日. | Cheng Jiubing, Geng Jianhua, Approach of angle-domain prestack migration of seismic data for petrolum reservoir detection, 2012.07, China, patent No.: 201010579495.X.
  • 基于方位保真角度域成像的裂缝型油气储层地震探测方法,发明人: 程玖兵,马在田, 专利权人:同济大学,专利号:2010105794911,专利申请日:2010年12月8日,授权公告日:2014年6月25日. | Cheng Jiubing, Ma Zaitian, Approach of fractured reservoir detection based on azimuth-preserved angle-domain seismic imaging, patent No.: 2010105794911.

论文  | Journals

    (* 标识通讯作者)


    • Wang Tengfei, Cheng Jiubing* and Geng Jianhua. 2022, Wave Equation Reflection Traveltime Inversion Using Gauss-Newton Optimization: IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, doi: 10.1109/LGRS.2021.3090077.
    • Feng Zhu, Jiubing Cheng*,2022, An extension of least-squares redatuming: Simultaneous reconstruction of overburden reflectivities and virtual data: in review
    • He Huang, Tengfei Wang, Jiubing Cheng, Yineng Xiong, Chenlong Wang, and Jianhua Geng, 2022, Self-supervised deep learning to reconstruct seismic data with consecutively missing traces: in review
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    • Wang Tengfei, Cheng Jiubing* and Geng Jianhua. 2022, Reflection-based traveltime and waveform inversion with second-order optimization: Petroleum Science, accepted.
    • 朱峰,程玖兵*,2022,利用最小平方基准面延拓压制自由表面多次波I:海底观测地震数据:地球物理学报,in review.
      Feng Zhu, and Jiubing Cheng, 2022, Elimination of free-surface multiples using least-squares redatuming, Part I: Ocean-bottom seismic data. in review
    • 朱峰,程玖兵*,2022,利用最小平方基准面延拓压制自由表面多次波II:海面拖缆地震数据:地球物理学报,in review.
      Feng Zhu, and Jiubing Cheng, 2022, Elimination of free-surface multiples using least-squares redatuming, Part II: Streamer seismic data. in review
    • 武泗海,王腾飞,程玖兵等*,2022,面向E级计算的超大规模高效并行三维地震逆时偏移成像:in review.
      Sihai Wu, Tengfei Wang and Jiubing Cheng, et al. 2022, Exascale computation oriented ultra-large scale and efficient parallel 3D reverse time migration. in review
    • 黄河,王腾飞,程玖兵,2022,基于深度学习的多分量地震数据P/S分离方法:in review.
      He Huang, Tengfei Wang and Jiubing Cheng, 2022, A deep learning method for P/S separation of multicomponent seismograms. in review



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      Xueyi Liu, Jiubing Cheng*, Tengfei Wang, Jianhua Geng and Yuzhu Liu, 2021, Wavefield decomposition of ocean bottom multi-component seismograms with low signal-to-noise ratio: Chinese J. Geophys. (in Chinese), 64(2), 684-699.
    • 刘学义,程玖兵*,王腾飞,2021,考虑水层鸣震的海底多分量数据转换波走时反演方法:地球物理学报,64(9),3316-3332.
      Xueyi Liu, Jiubing Cheng and Tengfei Wang, 2021, Travel-time inversion for converted waves of ocean-bottom multi-component seismograms considering water-layer reverberation: CChinese J. Geophys. (in Chinese), 64(9),3316-3332.
    • 程玖兵*,王腾飞,徐文才,2021,地震反射波形反演二阶优化方法及其应用:地球物理学报,64(10), 3685-3700.
      Jiubing Cheng*, Tengfei Wang and Wencai Xu, 2021, Second-order optimization of seismic reflection waveform inversion and its application: Chinese J. Geophys. (in Chinese), 64(10), 3685-3700.



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    • 邹鹏, 程玖兵*, 2020,粘声方程Q值反射波反演: 地球物理学报,63(1),287-297.
      Peng Zou, Jiubing Cheng*, 2020, Viscoacoustic wave equation reflection inversion for the Q model: Chinese J. Geophys.,63(1), 287-297.



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