Research page

My research focuses on Earth’s tectonic processes including earthquakes, lithospheric deformation and other geological processes that has significant influence on societal activities.

Combining with geophysical and geological observation data, my colleagues and I have investigated long term stress evolution process (including tectonic loading inter-seismic stress accumulation, co-seismic change, and post-seismic stress relaxation) in seismic zones through geodynamic modelling. We also have conducted research on stress transfer in space and time induced by earthquakes interaction.  We seek to understand the physics of earthquakes and to analyze earthquake hazards in seismic zones. Our current study includes the intraplate earthquakes in the North China Basin and the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, and the subduction earthquakes by the India-Eurasia palte collision, the Pacific-Eurasia plate convergence, and the Philippine-Eurasian plate convergence .

We also have studied the geodynamic process of lithospheric deformation in the margins of the Tibetan Plateau, and investigated the interplay between tectonic forces and lithospheric properties and rheology.

We are currently interested in the geodynamic process of the South China Sea, including the opening and rifting process (from 32 to 16 Ma) and the subduction process during its post-rifting period of the south China sea.

I am looking for motivated graduate students to work with me on the following research topics. 

  • Earthquakes geodynamics: To understand fault mechanics and generation mechanism of earthquakes by investigating (1) long term stress accumulation  by tectonic loading, (2) co-seismic stress change and post-seismic stress relaxation, and (3) stress perturbation in space and time by earthquakes interaction through numerical modelling.
  • Lithospheric deformation: To understand the long term continental deformation process through numerical modelling.

*From ‘namazu’ caused earthquakes in legend to stress concentation caused earthquakes in physics, geodynamic modelling is a way to discover the nature and understand the truth.